Friday, January 23, 2009


I know that I have been slacking lately in the blogging department. (I think that I'm more busier now being a full time mom then when I worked). So here is my attempt to catch up. Many know that during the holidays we got tons of snow. Caleb had to go out and shovel the snow, and since I can't help (we don't want the baby to come too soon) Brayden decided that he could help dad. Here are some cute pictures of Daddy's little helper... Check out Brayden's eye. He wacked it on the side of the door only one day before. Luckily he didn't hit it too hard, so no stitches. But it still looked really sore.
Bundled up and ready to go outside, but willing to stop and pose for the picture.

Brayden helping dad...

Sort of.

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