Friday, January 23, 2009

George and Brayden

For those who are wondering who George is, he is the doll that Santa brought Brayden in hopes of preparing him for becoming a big brother.
We weren't sure how well it would work, or how much Brayden would really like playing with it but so far he really loves his new doll. I am trying to have him practice holding the doll and to be soft with it. It's going okay...

But not all the time. We will definatly have Brayden sit down when he wants to hold his baby brother :)
Brayden loves George. He hauls him around the house, and tries to have him do everything he does. Here they are riding Brayden's pony together. He also tries to feed him, and takes him for walks in his stroller.
He even tries to be a little daddy to George. Yesterday I went to check on him in his room and Brayden was trying to figure out how to put a diaper on George. I ran away before I could get a picture of him during the act, but here is George with the diaper.
A few days before this I found Brayden putting lotion all over George. Caleb says he doesn't know if he should be proud or scared that his little boy plays with a doll so well. But I think that it is cute and good. It means that Caleb is a good dad if Brayden can be so caring with a doll, and hopefully Brayden will be a good big brother. (Only 4 weeks left!)
For those who are scared about Brayden playing with a doll don't worry he still loves to push his trucks around the house.

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