Friday, October 30, 2009


So this past week it seems that my adorable two year old, Brayden, is trying to see how he can push me until I admit myself to the lunny bin. On Monday we were shopping I turned around for one second and when I turned back Brayden was gone. Ditching my full shopping cart, grabbing Parker, and franticly calling/looking for Brayden. I looked for about 5 minutes (it seemed like forever) and still no Brayden. I was about to burst into tears when a lady suggested that I go up to the Service Desk and have the store employees join in the search. Gratefully the store called a Code Green (meaning a missing child) and all available employees aided in the search. By this time I was a mess. Finally after about ten minutes of no Brayden an employee found him in the toys section. When I saw him I wanted to be mad at him for running off but first I had to give him a huge hug. I have never been so scared in my whole life. It's amazing how fast kids can be.
What also makes me mad, not only did I lose my own child, and feel like a horrible mom is that when I was looking for Brayden there was a whole store full of people just looking at me like I was crazy. Not one person asked if I needed any help. What's happened to people helping people? If I saw a frantic mom looking for her child, you bet I would stop to help her find him.

Now on to Thursday. As I was getting Parker ready so we could leave Brayden decided to go get in the car while he was waiting. I thought that Brayden was being the perfect child sitting in his carseat patiently waiting for me to come buckle him in. To my surprise when I got out to the car I got to see Brayden's beautiful artwork all over my car's seats. Brayden had found a black pen and decided to practice his drawing skills. Lucky me!

Brayden is becoming such a busy boy. I don't know if I can keep up with him. I've decided I was the perfect parent until I became one myself!!!

Family Pictures

A couple weeks ago we decided it was time for updated family pictures. My friend Kira is a great photographer who agreed to snap some cute photos of our little family. She took us up a canyon outside of our town. She did a great job. I already posted my favorites but here are a few more.

Brayden didn't want to coperate too much. It has to be his idea to do anything, but she was still able to take a few cute photos of our adorable two year old.

Parker was our little model. He was great in every photo. No surprise here though, he is always so happy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catching Up- Random Pictures

Now that Parker is sitting up on his own I can do a double bath. This makes bath time so much faster, and the boys love playing together in the water. Parker must be hungry! Just joking. He loves to grab everything and anything that he can get his little hands on. He is so strong and busy.

Brayden ran into his bedroom and when he came out this is what he was modeling. I am also VERY excited to report that the binky is officially no longer Brayden's companion. He bit a hole into his binky so I told him that his teeth are too sharp for binkies so he gladly threw it away and reminds me at least once a day that his teeth are too sharp. Now I need to work on the potty training. If any one has any ideas PLEASE share. I am at a total loss.

I love this of my Parker. He is usually wearing that big smile all day long. He is such a happy baby.

Brayden got his first bee sting. He got it right in the lip. Poor kid. He cried a little and then was a tough little guy even though his lip swelled a little.

Provo weekend

Labor Day weekend we took off to Provo to see Caleb's Grandpa Goodman. Jerri (my great mother-in-law) and I went to Swiss Days and shopped until we were exhausted. Then on Saturday Caleb and I took the boys to the Hoogle Zoo in Salt Lake. The boys waking up at Grandpa's house.

Us leaving the zoo. Maybe we should have got a family picture before we went in. Brayden was pretty tired in this picture.

Parker had fun hanging out in his stroller and checking out all their was to see. He is such a good baby and so handsome!

My three handsome guys. I love them soooooooo much!

Mommy and Brayden. I'm not sure which animal Brayden is looking at.
It was a fun weekend. It was great spending it as a family.

My July trip

While Caleb was in Alaska I decided to take the boys and go on our own little trip. We went to my Grandma/pa Armstrong's house to hang out with them and see my cousing Lynsie. We had a great time. Brayden and Parker loved all the attention they got from everyone, and I got a little R & R. I even got to escape for a few hours and go shopping with my cous. and the Park City Outlets. We had a great time. Playing on Grandma and Grandpas great covered patio.

Caleb's Alaska Trip

This past July Caleb got to go on a fishing trip to Alaska with his dad and two of his brothers, Matt and Tom. It was a great deal. All we had to pay for was airfare and spending money so he couldn't pass up the opportunity. I wanted him to publish the post but my man is a working man, and so is hardly ever home so I gave up and decided to do it myself so you could see some of his pictures.
He's so handsome.

I don't know if you can see all the fish. Caleb said that this was how thick the fish were. They went at the perfect time. The fish were running great.

Caleb posing with his bros. Matt and Tom.
Caleb had a blast.