Friday, October 30, 2009


So this past week it seems that my adorable two year old, Brayden, is trying to see how he can push me until I admit myself to the lunny bin. On Monday we were shopping I turned around for one second and when I turned back Brayden was gone. Ditching my full shopping cart, grabbing Parker, and franticly calling/looking for Brayden. I looked for about 5 minutes (it seemed like forever) and still no Brayden. I was about to burst into tears when a lady suggested that I go up to the Service Desk and have the store employees join in the search. Gratefully the store called a Code Green (meaning a missing child) and all available employees aided in the search. By this time I was a mess. Finally after about ten minutes of no Brayden an employee found him in the toys section. When I saw him I wanted to be mad at him for running off but first I had to give him a huge hug. I have never been so scared in my whole life. It's amazing how fast kids can be.
What also makes me mad, not only did I lose my own child, and feel like a horrible mom is that when I was looking for Brayden there was a whole store full of people just looking at me like I was crazy. Not one person asked if I needed any help. What's happened to people helping people? If I saw a frantic mom looking for her child, you bet I would stop to help her find him.

Now on to Thursday. As I was getting Parker ready so we could leave Brayden decided to go get in the car while he was waiting. I thought that Brayden was being the perfect child sitting in his carseat patiently waiting for me to come buckle him in. To my surprise when I got out to the car I got to see Brayden's beautiful artwork all over my car's seats. Brayden had found a black pen and decided to practice his drawing skills. Lucky me!

Brayden is becoming such a busy boy. I don't know if I can keep up with him. I've decided I was the perfect parent until I became one myself!!!

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The Empey Fam! said...

Oh my goodness! HE must keep you on your toes! I can't believe no one stopped to help you!! How scary- I am glad he was found and everything was o k that lil' stinker!