Saturday, May 31, 2008

Almost There

We are almost there. Only about 2 weeks left until we get to move into out beautiful new home. It is looking great. It is so exciting to see it all come together!

Here is a picture of our kitchen cabinents. Where the tape player is is where our stove will go. I love my cabinents! They are just what I wanted.
Here is a picture of our fireplace. The tv will go on top. I can't wait to cuddle with Caleb on the couch in front of a cozy fire. How romantic :)

This is a picture of our bathroom cabinents. Doesn't the tile look great! Caleb picked it out himself. He's not only a handy man but knows how to make the house he built with his own hands look good too.

Here is a picture of out closet. Doesn't it look good!

Update on my difficult decision

This past Thursday my mom got the Family Consumer Science teaching position at Poky! It is officially her classroom. YEAH! Congradulations mom! She is a great teacher and all the kids are lucky to have her. She's excited too! The other good news about this is that my mom is free for all summer! She has agreed to watch Brayden for the summer while I work. This solves my dilemia for the summer, and hopefully we can make enough money to get a hard start on paying off our loans. Thanks mom and congradualtions!

A Day At the Park

On Sunday after church it was such a beautiful day that Brayden wanted to play outside. Since Caleb is always busy working, at ICCU or on our house, we don't get to see him much except on Sunday's. So we even though it was the Sabath we decided to take Brayden to the park to spend some family time together. Brayden had a blast! And I have to admit Caleb and I did too!

He loved the slide but he also loved swinging!

Isn't he so CUTE!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tag-Brayden's Turn

Jaxson tagged Brayden. Here are a few things about Brayden that Jaxson might not know...

1. Brayden is the craziest sleeper. He also snores and sometimes giggles in his sleep
2. Brayden loves to help me cook
3. Hates to have his face and hands washed
4. Wants to climb or sit on everything
5. Loves his binki and pork fried rice
6. Is going through a stage where he doesn't want to sleep-EVER
7. Likes to pretend to drive cars
8. Loves to be tickled
9. Very well loved
10. Words he can say: "mom," "dada," "gee gee" (which means grandma), "ruff" (like a dog), "nana" (bannana)
11. Loves to be around other kids and to be outside
12. Is the happiest boy.

Brayden tags Evan!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy


Okay we know that you're not THAT old... Okay we know that you are younger than us... But we thought it was a funny picture. We hope that you are having a great birthday down thier in blazing Arizona. We love ya'!

Helping Mommy

It was the cutest thing today. I had just finished sorting the laundry and had moved on to finally doing my hair and make up (since it was now 1:00 in the afternoon) when I noticed Brayden trying to help mommy. He was taking the clothes from one hamper and putting them into another. He was sorting the laundry! It is amazing how fast they pick up on things. He was so proud of himself that he was able to help mommy. I thought it was so cute that I had to run downstairs to get the camera before he saw me and snap a few photos of my little helper.

Highschool buddies

This last Saturday was my best childhood friend's, Jenny, babyshower. So most of my girlfriends from highschool got to get together to celebrate. Wow, how we have changed from highschool! Some of us have extra editions (aka babies), and we all look a little bit older. It was so fun to see everyone again. The only one missing is Sheiree, who couldn't make it becuase her mom was in the hospital. But she is home now and doing better.


Okay so I really didn't walk. I didn't want to have to sit in the hot holt arena for four long hours knowing that up in the stands my wonderful family was bored out of the minds waiting for me to walk across a stage to shake a few guys hands. I also already got to celebrate my graduation in December. So I cheated. I borrowed one of my friends cap and gown and my mom snapped a few photos of me. It was quick, painless, and I didn't even have to sit for four hours. PERFECT!

Brayden at Daycare

This past year while I was finishing up my schooling and trying to get some students loans down to a manageble debt Brayden got to go to the best daycare. It was a small daycare at ISU, and it was the best care Brayden could get, next to Caleb and mine. It was so comforting to know that while I was trying to fullfill one of my dreams of earning a college degree my other little dream, having a beautiful baby boy, was being taken care of.
This is a picture of Brayden running around playing with the baby stroller.

They had the coolest playground for Brayden to play in. He absolutely LOVES to play outside!
I wanted to post pictures of him with all of his friends at daycare, but thought I better not just in case their parents didn't want their kids pictures posted on the web. Better safe then sorry.

Now that the semester is over Brayden's daycare is closed for the summer, and I am no longer considered an ISU student (just alumni :) ) so it would be way too expensive for Brayden to keep going to this daycare next year.
So now I have a huge decision to make. Now that I completed one dream of being a college graduate do I start my next dream of being a full time mom, having the oppurtunity to stay home and enjoy one of the most special gifts God has given me. Or do I work to clean up a lot of the debt I put Caleb and me in so I could fulfill my first dream. For many people it is very easy to make the decision but for me it is not so easy. Why? Well let me try to explain. I am torn. I love Brayden so much, in fact words can not describe how this little guy has changed my life and just how much I love him. My heart wants to stay home with Brayden and pray that our finances will work out; that the huge amount of school debt that I put us in will not eat us up alive. But my mind is telling me that I HATE DEBT, and in order to get out from under what I put us in I need to buck up and help Caleb take some of the financial burden. It isn't fair for Caleb to have to try and juggle two jobs and fatherhood just becuase I had to go to school to fullfill one of my dreams. It wasn't his dream that I have a college degree, it was mine. But at the same time it also isn't fair for Brayden to have to be raised by strangers so I can clean up the financial mess I put us in. Do you see while I am torn? What am I supposed to do? WAIT don't answer that... Caleb and I need to figure this out on our own. So I will be doing A LOT of praying, searching, pondering, crying, and a whole lot of other stuff to find out the answer.
WOW I just went off on a huge tangent! Sorry. I just started this blog so that you could see how cute Brayden is, and how much he loved going to ISU daycare. But I do have to admit that it felt really good to write out my thoughts, and to know that maybe now you all will understand my dilemia. I am trying to be the best mom I know how to be and at the same time a strong wife that can help, support, and love my wonderful husband. All the while trying to fullfill some of my life dreams.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quick Trip

This past weekend Kelly got to go through the temple for the very first time. He choose to go to the Manti temple for his special day. So we went down to Provo this past weekend. It was also Grandpa Goodman's Birthday, so after the temple we went to good old Chuck Arama to celebrate. It was fun to see all of Caleb's aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course Grandpa Goodman.
Caleb and Brayden playing with spoons.

Brayden with his Great Grandpa Goodman. We love Grandpa so much!

It was a whirlwind trip, with A LOT of driving. But it was worth it. We had a fun trip, and Brayden was a real trooper. In this picture he had pulled off his sock and was trying to suck on his toes. I tried to get a picture of it but our camera is too slow. But it's still a cute shot!

Congradulations Kelly

On Saturday Kelly went through the temple for the first time. He choose the Manti temple because that was where Rick and Jerri were married, and Jerri's grandparents used to work in the there. It was a long drive from Pocatello, but well worth it. It was a beautiful and special day. Here is Kelly standing proud in front of the temple.

Two brothers sharing a loving brotherly moment! Because of circumstances Caleb and I were the only siblings of Kelly's that were able to attend, but I know that the rest of his brothers and sisters were there in spirit and mind.
Caleb and I needed to get a quick snapshot of us in front too. The Manti temple is spectacular! After the session we were able to have a temple worker show us a few other neat things in the temple. We got to see a few sealing rooms, including the one where Caleb's eternal family started (where Jerri and Rick were sealed). Their sealing room was amazing. I have never seen such a beautiful sealing room! We also got to see a spiral staircase that went up 75 feet. We looked up and I couldn't believe how tall it went. Also the wood work was amazing. It is hard to believe that men were able to create such a beautiful building without modern day power tools. Also did you know that the roof of the temple is not made from your typical rafters. It is actually a hule of a boat that was turned upside down. Interesting huh! I always learn so much when I go to the temple, but with this trip I got to learn extra trivia.

Needless to say it was overall AWESOME experience!

Peek A Boo

Brayden loves climbing in his dresser and playing peek-a-boo! It's so cute, but it kind of makes me nervous. I make sure everything is closed so that he can't play in it unless I am there making sure it wont fall on him. Safety first!

Bugged Eyed