Sunday, May 4, 2008

Congradulations Kelly

On Saturday Kelly went through the temple for the first time. He choose the Manti temple because that was where Rick and Jerri were married, and Jerri's grandparents used to work in the there. It was a long drive from Pocatello, but well worth it. It was a beautiful and special day. Here is Kelly standing proud in front of the temple.

Two brothers sharing a loving brotherly moment! Because of circumstances Caleb and I were the only siblings of Kelly's that were able to attend, but I know that the rest of his brothers and sisters were there in spirit and mind.
Caleb and I needed to get a quick snapshot of us in front too. The Manti temple is spectacular! After the session we were able to have a temple worker show us a few other neat things in the temple. We got to see a few sealing rooms, including the one where Caleb's eternal family started (where Jerri and Rick were sealed). Their sealing room was amazing. I have never seen such a beautiful sealing room! We also got to see a spiral staircase that went up 75 feet. We looked up and I couldn't believe how tall it went. Also the wood work was amazing. It is hard to believe that men were able to create such a beautiful building without modern day power tools. Also did you know that the roof of the temple is not made from your typical rafters. It is actually a hule of a boat that was turned upside down. Interesting huh! I always learn so much when I go to the temple, but with this trip I got to learn extra trivia.

Needless to say it was overall AWESOME experience!

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The Moore Family said...

This is Aaron checking in!! Sounds like a fun trip. That is very interesting about the roof of the temple. That is a good did you know.