Monday, February 18, 2008

Caught in the Act- What a Healthy Breakfast
On Sunday Morning when Brayden woke up at 7:00 I didn't want to get up. So Caleb, being the wonderful loving husband he is, got up with Brayden. When I went downstairs I found the two of them lounged out on the coach eating a healthy breakfast of graham crackers.
Brayden Playing With His Cousins

Madison loves carrying Brayden around. He's almost as big as her!
She put him in his bouncer, but he wasn't so sure about it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Coming Along
Our house is really coming along. On Saturday Caleb and Kelly started siding. YEAH! I was really nervous about the color it is so permanent but as soon as I saw it on the house I loved it. The color is called Mist. It kind of changes colors in different lights and angles. It has a brown/grey/green tint to it.
(Kelly up on the scaffolding)
This week we also (when I say we I really mean "the guys") also started pumbling. On Saturday we got both tubs in. Another YEAH!
Rick showing off his pumbling skills.
Bear working along-side the guys.

This is the only time a dog is allowed in my brand-new home. Once the carpets go in my house is a dog free zone. Sorry Bear! Caleb and Brayden are hoping for a dog...Maybe... as long as it stays outside!

Just Like Daddy

Brayden is so much like his daddy. There smiles are the most alike.