Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stay tuned...

I have more to catch up on. It's been a crazy month. More to come...
Caleb's trip to Alaska
My trip to Utah
Random cute shots of my adorable boys
We had a wonderful 4th of July. We spent the morning in Inkom and went to the Inkom/candy parade. Brayden got a ton of candy, and loved waving at all of the floats.Grandma, Brayden and Abby waiting for the parade to begin.

After the parade we went to the park where Inkom had some food and games. Brayden and Abby got to fish. Brayden caught a fish, which he lovingly named "That." It is still alive but Brayden has renamed him "Fishie." We have a very clever little boy :)

Parker snuggled up to Grandpa and feel right asleep.

Parker and Brayden modeling for the camera, sort of, trying to show off their 4th of July outfits that Grandma Bigelow got them. They looked so adorable, thanks Grandma.
After Inkom it was off to Grandma/pa Bigelow's house for a BBQ, and the firework show. I didn't snap any pictures there because I forgot my camera in Inkom but it was a lot fun.
We had a great Independance Day! I am so thankful for this country and the Independance that we do have. Thankyou to all the men and women that serve this country so that my family and I can enjoy our freedom every day.

The rains came down and the ground sank...

About two weeks after we got our beautiful grass, the south side of Pocatello had a flash flood. At first I was cheering on the rain because it was watering my new grass. But after about one hour of pouring down rain I started to get worried.This is a picture out of my front door looking on to my street. It looks like a river, and at the end of the street was the lake.
After the rain stopped I went outside to check on our crawl space and this is what I found. Huge pot holes in our fresh new lawn.

We are so blessed that it was just our yard that was damaged and not our house. Many of our neighbors and friends had flooded basements, and one person in our ward had their entire foundation shift. The Lord was looking out for us.


We now have grass!!! In the first part of June the rains held off long enough for one day that we were able to get grass. Thanks to all of our family for their help- you guys are great! It didn't take long for us to lay it. It looks awesome!

Brayden was a real helper! He loves to help in the yard.