Monday, December 15, 2008


So Kira tagged me and since I failed to do the last tag I thought that I better do this one so here it goes...

My 5 favorite restraunts:
*Olive Garden
*Texas Roadhouse
*Greecian Key
*Ming's Cafe
5 Things I did yesterday:
*Slept in (Thanks Brayden)
*Ate a yummy breakfast (Thanks Caleb)
*Picked up the house
*Went to Church
*Made yummy popcorn balls
5 Things I look forward too:
*Christmas morning (Brayden's going to be so much fun this year)
*Having our new baby
*Being a normal size again
*Paying off my student loans
*Warmer weather
5 things I love about fall:
*The crisp air
*The beautiful fall colors
*Wearing sweaters with no coat
*The sound of crunchy leaves beneath my feet
*The start of a new season
5 things on my wish list:
*A freezer
*A yard with grass and a fence
*A complete makeover
*New bedroom furniture
*A Swiffer Wet Jet
5 favorite things to do:
*Spending time with my wonderful hubby
*Being a mom
*Reading a good book
*Doing crafts
I tag:
Whoever wants to do this

Deck the House

Last weekend we set out to get us a nice Christmas tree. We really lucked out because when we went to Lowes to check out some other things we found that all their Christmas things were 50% off, including artifical Christmas trees. We were able to get the last one.
Okay enough about our great deal. After we bought our beautiful tree we took it home and decorated it. Brayden was a big help (NOT), but what little boy is. But he had fun stickng ornaments on the tree. Notice the pile of pinecones on the tree.
Here is the finished product. After a few adjusments from Brayden. Brayden loves the tree. Every morning he runs out into the family room and yells "ut-oh" until I turn on the lights.

Model Material

Last weekend Grandma bought Brayden a new pair of church shoes to go with his new church outfit. He was so excited to wear them that he couldn't wait until church. So he decided to sport them around the house all Sunday morning wearing nothing else but his diaper. I think that he might have a future in the modeling career :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Arizona Trip

For Thanksgiving we took a little trip down south to Arizona to visit my brother Tyler and his family. All of my family was able to come down, except for Matt and Jen, who had to stay behind to work.
We had a blast and were able to do a lot of things. Sorry there are a lot of pictures...

Brayden and I posing in front of the Bass shop.
On Wednesday after a little trip to the doctor to get some medicine for Brayden, who had another ear affection, we were able to visit Kaden's preschool and watch his little Thanksgiving program. He did so good singing all his songs! I can't believe how big he is getting.
After Kaden got out of school we were off to the zoo. I think this was Bryaden's favorite part of the whole trip. He loved seeing all of the animals! Here is the group (minus my mom the photographer) poisng in front of a giraffe.
Brayden's most favorite part of the whole zoo was the monkeys. We got to go inside their habitat and watch as they climbed and played all around us. Brayden kept trying to talk to them, in monkey talk, and couldn't stop giggling the whole time.
Grandma posing with almost all the grandkids (Mesa was asleep in the stroller).
After visiting all the animals, Grandma and Grandpa gave all the kids a ride on the merry-go-round. Brayden loved his ride! He didn't want to get off. On Thanksgiving day the guys went golfing, while the girls prepared the big dinner.
Because we were in warm, sunny Arizona we had to take the opportunity to eat Thanksgiving dinner outside on the patio. Here are all the cousins digging into their turkey dinner while entertaining each other.

After dinner we went to a nearby park and feed the ducks their dinner of bread. This is the closest Brayden ever got to be to ducks.

On Black Friday the girls we able to escape being mommy and grandma for a few hours and go shopping in the morining. When we got back we were excited to see that they guys did a great job babysitting. Three of the four kids were asleep and they had even vacumed the house! We have some good men!
Later that night we visited the Mesa temple and watched the Christmas lights go on. It was a little croweded but fun. The Mesa temple is beautiful!
As you can see we had a fast, fun trip. Thanks Tyler and Amy for letting us take over your house, and for Kaden and Evan for letting us sleep in your beds.