Monday, December 15, 2008


So Kira tagged me and since I failed to do the last tag I thought that I better do this one so here it goes...

My 5 favorite restraunts:
*Olive Garden
*Texas Roadhouse
*Greecian Key
*Ming's Cafe
5 Things I did yesterday:
*Slept in (Thanks Brayden)
*Ate a yummy breakfast (Thanks Caleb)
*Picked up the house
*Went to Church
*Made yummy popcorn balls
5 Things I look forward too:
*Christmas morning (Brayden's going to be so much fun this year)
*Having our new baby
*Being a normal size again
*Paying off my student loans
*Warmer weather
5 things I love about fall:
*The crisp air
*The beautiful fall colors
*Wearing sweaters with no coat
*The sound of crunchy leaves beneath my feet
*The start of a new season
5 things on my wish list:
*A freezer
*A yard with grass and a fence
*A complete makeover
*New bedroom furniture
*A Swiffer Wet Jet
5 favorite things to do:
*Spending time with my wonderful hubby
*Being a mom
*Reading a good book
*Doing crafts
I tag:
Whoever wants to do this

1 comment:

The Crook Family said...

About time! :-) Did you get anything from your wish list for Christmas?