Monday, February 11, 2008

Coming Along
Our house is really coming along. On Saturday Caleb and Kelly started siding. YEAH! I was really nervous about the color it is so permanent but as soon as I saw it on the house I loved it. The color is called Mist. It kind of changes colors in different lights and angles. It has a brown/grey/green tint to it.
(Kelly up on the scaffolding)
This week we also (when I say we I really mean "the guys") also started pumbling. On Saturday we got both tubs in. Another YEAH!
Rick showing off his pumbling skills.
Bear working along-side the guys.

This is the only time a dog is allowed in my brand-new home. Once the carpets go in my house is a dog free zone. Sorry Bear! Caleb and Brayden are hoping for a dog...Maybe... as long as it stays outside!

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Peggie Arvidson said...

Your home looks like it will be lovely! But please HOLD OFF on getting a dog, no matter how much the kids want one. They need much more attention than you think and and an "outside only" dog is a lonely and destructive dog most of the time. They need to be with their pack!