Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tag-Brayden's Turn

Jaxson tagged Brayden. Here are a few things about Brayden that Jaxson might not know...

1. Brayden is the craziest sleeper. He also snores and sometimes giggles in his sleep
2. Brayden loves to help me cook
3. Hates to have his face and hands washed
4. Wants to climb or sit on everything
5. Loves his binki and pork fried rice
6. Is going through a stage where he doesn't want to sleep-EVER
7. Likes to pretend to drive cars
8. Loves to be tickled
9. Very well loved
10. Words he can say: "mom," "dada," "gee gee" (which means grandma), "ruff" (like a dog), "nana" (bannana)
11. Loves to be around other kids and to be outside
12. Is the happiest boy.

Brayden tags Evan!

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