Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catching Up- Random Pictures

Now that Parker is sitting up on his own I can do a double bath. This makes bath time so much faster, and the boys love playing together in the water. Parker must be hungry! Just joking. He loves to grab everything and anything that he can get his little hands on. He is so strong and busy.

Brayden ran into his bedroom and when he came out this is what he was modeling. I am also VERY excited to report that the binky is officially no longer Brayden's companion. He bit a hole into his binky so I told him that his teeth are too sharp for binkies so he gladly threw it away and reminds me at least once a day that his teeth are too sharp. Now I need to work on the potty training. If any one has any ideas PLEASE share. I am at a total loss.

I love this of my Parker. He is usually wearing that big smile all day long. He is such a happy baby.

Brayden got his first bee sting. He got it right in the lip. Poor kid. He cried a little and then was a tough little guy even though his lip swelled a little.


Corbridge Family said...

Thanks for the updates! We need to get together again sometime. I told Brooks that our the first available weekend we are coming to see you guys! It's been TOO long!

I'll send you an email about our potty training. I don't want to take all the space! :)

The Empey Fam! said...

Such adorable kids!!! That Stockton was so fun to giggle with! Fun blog! I love blogs!!!