Friday, September 5, 2008

New Favorite Thing

Brayden's new favorite lately is to watch his Baby Einstein movie, Neighborhood Animals. He loves this movie! I think that he likes it because it shows all of his favorite animals. It is so cute to watch him watch it because he giggles at certain parts and will say the animal names/sounds as he sees them. If we put any other movie in he gets mad! He only wants to watch his movie.
Here he is glued to the tv. It's kind of nice for me because now I have something to distract him while I shower in peace :)

1 comment:

The Moore Family said...

Ever since you burned us that DVD that is the only one Abby will watch!! She always says she wants to watch the movie that Krista (Tista) gave us!!
But it is nice to have something to keep them entertained!!!