Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This past Monday my friends Kira and Sarah came over to see the house. Brayden was so excited to see them. Mainly because Kira's way cute 3 month old daughter, Mikayla, came with them. Kira and I have arranged Brayden and Mikayla to be married (when they are about 30). We figured that if we have an arranged marriage then we can ensure that we like who they marry, our grandkids will be the cutest, and we would get along with their in-laws :)
Lucky for us Brayden and Mikayla seem to already like eachother...Here is a picture of Brayden giving Mikayla loves. He is already Mr. Casavona. Caleb and I better have a talk with him about not kissing girls, only mommy and grandmas, until he is at least 25 :)
Here is a sideways picture of Mikayla. (Sorry I couldn't figure out how to make it the right side up) Isn't she the cutest baby! I think that she is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. Lucky Brayden...
Brayden giving Mikayla hugs
I just thought that this picture was way too cute not to post! He is sooooo stinkin cute!!!!!
Brayden giving Grandma loves.
Brayden loves to give kisses.
He is constantly puckering up (which I have yet to catch on camera) or blowing kisses.


The Crooks said...

Dang, those are some cute looking little kids. Where can I get one? :)

The Four Moores said...

Brayden is so big. I can't wait to see him. Next time you see Kira tell her Hello for me! Her baby is adorable! See you soon

The Moore Family said...

That is one adorable little girl!! And of course Brayden is one handsome man....definitely a ladies man! I can't wait to tell Brayden and Abby when they get older how much they liked to give each other loves!!
When life isn't so crazy I want you and Brayden to come over and play! It has been to long!! But we will for sure see ya this weekend!!!