Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This past June I had not been feeling completely like myself. I was tired, and a little quesy. I also noticed that everything smelt a lot more stronger. So I decided to take a pregnancy test... Just in case. Well the first test that I took came out positive, and the second test... Yep, it was postive (The second line is really faint, but it was still there).
After the third test I finally came to the conclusion that I am pregnant. So surprise!

I am now about eleven weeks along. Yesterday I finally came to fully believe that I am pregnant after I went to the doctor and got to hear the heart beat. I knew all along that I was pregnant. I guess that I have just been in a state of shock because it was such a surprise for us. It took us so long to get Brayden that I just figured we would be in the same boat for the rest of our kids. But I guess the Lord thought that Brayden needed a little sibling before he gets any more spoiled. The baby is due sometime in February.

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The Moore Family said...

Oh my gosh your prego??? haha just kidding! We are so excited for you guys, Abby and Brayden need another play pal!
--- a picture of your pregnancy test?? that is kind of gross! haha