Thursday, February 26, 2009

Memorable Morning

The other morning was a huge morning in our family with some firsts.

Brayden has been into sitting on the toilet for the past month or so and pretending that he went to the bathroom like a big boy. (He never really goes, just pretends he has). We entertain the idea because we hope that this will just prepare him for potty training. Honestly it can be kind of annoying, but hey if it will help him get out of diaper sooner, why not. Anyways on this morning we were just "entertaining" the idea again, and I decided to take a picture for fun. But when he got off the toilet we saw that this time he actually went! We were so excited, and Brayden got a treat. I think that it was just a fluke because he hasn't gone on the toilet since. But we're still proud.

I just thought that this was a cute shot of my two big boys.

Also this morning Parker got his first bath. He loved it! He didn't cry at all. He just layed there and soaked up the warm water!

Cuddling up next to Daddy!
Brayden is our big helper. He giggled the whole time Parker was in his bath. He thinks its pretty cool that Parker gets to bath with Winnie the Pooh.

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