Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Yesterday we went for my ultra-sound. I was so excited to prove to Caleb that it was a girl, but I was definatly wrong. We are having another boy! I really didn't care too much what we had, as long as it was healthy. Well he looks to be healthy, and is very active. He was jumping around the whole time! Caleb says he hopes it doesn't reflect his personality because we were so lucky that Brayden was such a mellow baby.

Seeing him in my belly makes it so much more real. I don't feel old enough to have two kids! My due date is still February 26. It's coming up fast! And we have a lot to do to get ready for our new addition to the family. First thing we need to do is throw out all the girl names (I was convinced it was a girl because I am carrying him so different compared to Brayden) and find him a boy's name that both Caleb and I like. As many of you know it takes us a long time to decide on a name. But I guess we still have four more months :)

Brayden is still clue-less. We keep trying to tell him that there is a baby in mommy's tummy but all he does is look at my tummy then point to his. Poor kid doesn't understand he's going to have to share mom and dad soon. I just hope and pray that he will adjust well. As soon as he does adjust and his little brother is old enough I know that they are going to have a blast together.

We are so excited for the new addition to come to our family!


The Crook Family said...

I know how the proving your husband wrong game goes :) I was sure Mikayla was a boy, but Wes was right and now we have the most beautiful little girl in the world. Congratulations! Now I'll have to have another little girl for this boy :)

The Moore Family said...

Congrats!!! I just want to say that I called it......and just for the record Dad was finally wrong. Look forward to having another nephew.

The Moore Family said...

Congrats Caleb, Krista, and Brayden!! I'm just not good at calling genders.....so I'm just going to start keeping my mouth shut! Just think how much fun Brayden is going to have with his little bro.!!! And having another boy sure makes your life a bit cheaper!! Congrats we are so happy for ya!!