Friday, October 31, 2008


We hope that everyone had a spootacular Halloween! We had a great Halloween Day!
It started at 6:30. When Caleb and I got up extra early to put the finishing touches on his costume. At Idaho Central (Caleb's place of employment) Halloween is a HUGE holiday. Every department dresses up and puts on a skit for the whole company. This year Caleb's department dressed as Zombies and danced to Micheal Jackson's "Thriller." Everyone in the Credit Union said that they were the best. His department won the best skit. Here is a picture of my scary zombie.
If we get a copy of his skit then I'll post it on the blog. Stay tuned...
Of coarse, we can't forget our handsome scarecrow. Brayden was a scarecrow. He looked so adorable in his Halloween costume.
Brayden riding his Uncle's snowmobile and sucking on some Halloween candy (thus the dirty face).
Brayden got to go trick-or-treating at his daddy's work. He got tons of candy! It was so fun for Brayden to visit "dadadada"s work, and for daddy to show off his little scarecrow. After trick-or-treating we went to Grandma/pa Bigelow's to show off his costume and get some dinner. Then to Abby's house (sorry Amy and Aaron it's officially known as Abby's) to see Grandma/pa Moore, Abby, Aunt Amy, Uncle Aaron, Aunt Jen and Uncle Matt.
Cowgirl Abby and Scarecrow Brayden posing for the camera.

By the time the day was over Brayden could hardly walk straight.Needless to say we had a busy Halloween, but a fun one. We hope everyone had a great and safe day too!


The Crook Family said...

Super cute! He is adorable!

Lindsey said...

SCARRRYYY! Nice touches on Caleb's costume-he's freaky! You don't need to dress Brayden up to be cute! OUCHIE, we're glad he's ok and didn't need stitches.