Saturday, June 7, 2008

Getting Ready to Move

We figured that we will be in our house by this coming Saturday! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited and ready. We still have some work to do this week. We need to finish some plumbing, hang up the towel bars in the bathroom, install our water softner, and put in carpet. But other than that it is pretty much done. It is looking great. I will post some pictures of the finished product when I have cleaned it and everything is done.

While Matt, Rick, and Caleb are working at the house I have been begining to pack (I've actually started packing almost a month ago, I'm not excited or anything) This Friday was my day off so I thought I would pack a few more things. Brayden decided to help by entertaining himself. It was pretty cute so of course I had to snap a few pictures...

First Brayden decided to climb into the box. I told him not to worry we'll make sure to pack him up with extra bubble wrapping.

Then he decided to be like his daddy and build himself his own house. Here he is figuring out how to make a little tunnel for himself.

Then he had to try it out!

Cute butt shot!THE END

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