Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun in our yard

We really don't have a yard yet. I mean a yard with any plant life besides a few weeds. But that doesn't stop my boys from going outside and enjoying it... Brayden found this shovel next to my empty flower pots (I haven't got around to even planting flowers this year) and knew exactly what to do with it. He had so much fun playing in the dirt. After he was done I had to give him a bath and I think there was as much dirt in the bath tub as there was outside.
Caleb playing with his shovel... a really big shovel. He is actually in the process of trying to level out our back yard so we can give back Rick's machines. Brayden loves riding on Grandpa's tractor, and sat quietly on Caleb's lap for almost a half hour. That's a long time for a little boy, but he loved every minute of it.
Who needs grass when we have toys like that to play with ;)

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The Moore Family said...

Hey!! Glad you guys are enjoying your house. Hope to see ya soon!