Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break

This week both Brayden and I had Spring Break. Although we just stayed home it was a fun week. I loved just staying home and being a full time mom. Funny thing is that I thought that I would be bored. Ha, ha, ha! I forgot how much work raising a busy boy who is now walking everywhere really is! He kept me busy all week long. But I had a blast. It is so fun being a mom! Here is a few things that we did at home this week.

Brayden loves to ride his bike that Grandma and Grandpa Bigelow gave him for his Birthday. It was too cold outside this week so he had to ride around in the house. Though we have cramped living space it didn't cramp his style. He rode his bike everywhere and is a pro at baking up.

I was paying some bills while Brayden was playing when all of a sudden it got quiet. When I looked up I saw Brayden laying down on the pillow with his blanket pulled up over him. He had pulled a pillow and blanket down from the couch and made himself a little bed. It was so cute.

Uncle Jon brought Jo's (his girlfriends) small dirt bike over. Brayden didn't mind just sitting on it, but as soon as Jon started it up Brayden was done. I think that he is still a little too young, sorry Uncle Jon.

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