Thursday, March 13, 2008


On Saturday Brayden turned one and we had a BIG party to celebrate. All of Brayden's Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and some friends came to his party. He had a blast, though I don't think he knew exactly what was going on. Okay Caleb and I had a blast; probably more than Brayden.

I can't believe that my baby is already one! Where does the time go? Every one says how fast they grow up but it didn't really hit home until I had one of my own. The more Brayden gets older, the more his personality comes out, and the more I fall in love with him. He is the cutest little boy ever (I am not biased though)!

Brayden practicing his walking skills with Grandma Moore. Here is a perfect shot of his excited look though it is funnier in person. For those who don't know what Brayden's excited look looks like I'll try to describe it the best I can. His whole body tenses up and he makes this grunting noise and slirps air through his teeth. It's hilarious! Though I do have to say that the first time he did it Caleb and I thought he was having a seizure or something. But as soon as we knew he was okay then we started laughing.

Brayden getting ready to blow out his candle. How do you like the cake? I am very proud of it. In case you can't tell it's in the shape of one, and yes I did it myself. Brayden was more intrigued with the candle and everyone was singing to him then the cake.

But once he tasted that frosting he loved it!

Brayden got spoiled rotten. He wasn't too interested in opening his presents he just wanted to play with Grandma and Abby. But once he saw his new toys he got really excited!

As you can see from the pictures Brayden had an awesome first birthday. Thanks everyone!

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corbridgeclan said...

Happy Birthday, Brayden!!! Sorry we forgot to call you on your birthday. It looks like you got lots of fun presents though. We'll have to stop by one of these days to play.