Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chicago Trip Continued...

We ended our trip with a bang. On the last day we went all out and did some really awesome things. The highlight of the trip was the Segway tour. We signed up to do a tour around Chicago. We each got to ride our own segways. Oh what fun! Caleb wants to buy one now. I told him no problem whats a measly $5,000. We'll just sell the car and he can strap the kids to his back. :) We spent the first 1/2 hour of the tour getting used to driving the segway. Caleb was a natural. He jumped right on and took off. It took me a little longer to get used to it. They are relatively easy to drive; I think for me it was just nerves. I kept thinking I'm driving a $5000 machine, Don't crash. But unfortuntly for me, I hit a pothole, and did crash; lucky for me it was on grass and no damage was done, just me ego. I felt better when a tour guide from another company crashed on his right in front of me, but unfortuntly for him it was on the cement. Poor guy!
This is us in front of Buckingham Fountain. So beautiful.

After the Segway tour we went to the Willis Tower (formely known as the Sears Tower). This is the view from the southeast corner of the building. We were 103 floors high.

The tower now has a skydeck. Pretty much a pexy-glass box that juts out of the building you can walk out on. I must say that first step is kinda scary! It's a wierd feeling standing on it but kind of a rush (the biggest kind of rush I'm comfortable with).

That night we went and saw the Blue Man Group. They were SO FUN! We were laughing pretty much the whole time. Sorry no pictures were allowed in the theater, so I couldn't get any.
All in all we had a FANTASTIC time! It was so nice to get away just the two of us. Caleb learned A LOT at his conference, and I learned that though I do love to get away once in a while, I love being at home with my boys.


Adam, Lyrissa and Parker Walker said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Mickenzie said...

I love your pictures!!! I think I might have to add Chicago to my list looks like fun! I love the picture of you in front of the bean!!! So Cool!

The Five Moores said...

wow that was one awesome trip! You deserved it girl! I am glad you had so much fun. It looks like a balst. all your pictures are so great!